Your Monthly Dose of
Hype-Free EMF Education

5G. 6G. A Thousand Gs. 60,000 Satellites. Billions of “Internet of Things” Sensors. Overwhelmed Yet?
You don’t have to be.

We’ve created The EMF Circle community for health-conscious folks like you, those who “get it”.

Our promise is simple: The Circle is the last EMF community you’ll ever need. Period.

Every month, you’ll be able to learn directly from top EMF mitigation specialist Brian Hoyer (from “Shielded Healing”) and safe tech advocate Nicolas Pineault (aka “The EMF Guy”) through masterclasses, Q&A sessions and private, censorship-free community boards.

If you feel like…

  • Minimizing/Reducing EMFs is a critical factor in health
  • The amount of conflicting EMF information online is irritating
  • You lack the time to “do your own research”
  • You’re concerned that you may waste your time and money on the wrong EMF protection products
  • You want quick, personal feedback and help on your journey to minimize EMF radiation in your home, at work and beyond

Then The EMF Circle is definitely for you.
What's Included?*
Monthly Masterclass
or Q&A Session

Send your questions ahead of time or join live. Full replays are included.
Private Community
(optional, but recommended)

Two EMF experts. A ton of like-minded people. Zero censorship, ever.
Hype-Free EMF Education
& Honest Product Recommendations

EMF is a “hot topic” these days... Don’t fall prey to fake protection products and empty promises.
Exclusive Discounts & Early
Access to EMF Protection Products

Hey, you’re part of the “Circle of Trust” after all! We’ll send all the VIP stuff your way.
* We do have several courses and other resources that we feel would be a perfect complement to your education, but these are NOT required in order to become a member.
Plus The Following Bonus...
EMF Hazards Summit VIP Pass (Real value of $37)
Full recordings of this summit, featuring 26 of the world’s foremost authorities on EMF radiation and its health impacts.

This summit is currently not sold anywhere. As a Circle member, you get access to this entire event, free of charge!
What's The Cost?
Your Monthly Dose of
Hype-Free EMF Education
Monthly masterclass or Q&A session
Full recordings and past archives
Private community
Exclusive discounts on EMF products
Honest, hype-free information you can trust
(save 33%!)

All prices in $USD
Cancel anytime. No questions asked. But, we know you’ll feel like staying once you join this amazing community :)
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2024 Masterclass Schedule:
The information shared inside The Circle is curated by YOU, our members. Before each monthly Q&A, we'll ask you what are your current most-pressing EMF questions, and will include those in our content.

Every session is subject to change based on community feedback, but here's a sample schedule we had in mind for 2024 so far:

Thursday, January 11th: Q&A with Nick and Brian! 
Thursday, February 15th: Travel Masterclass
Thursday, March 14th: Q&A with Nick and Brian! 
Thursday, April 11th: Cellphone Masterclass
Thursday, May 16th: Q&A with Nick and Brian! 
 Thursday, June 13th: Dirty Electricity Masterclass
Thursday, July 11th: Q&A with Nick and Brian! 
Thursday, August 15th: EHS Recovery Masterclass
Thursday, September 12th: Q&A with Nick and Brian! 
Thursday, October 10th: EMF Resilience Masterclass
Thursday, November 14th: Q&A with Nick and Brian! 
Thursday, December 12th: Cell Towers Masterclass

Can't Attend Live?
Not a problem. You'll be able to send your questions in advance, and will receive a full recording after each session/masterclass.
Is This For Me?
The EMF Circle is for you if…

  • You are looking for a community full of positive, heart-centered people who can help you troubleshoot your EMF problems – at home, at work and beyond
  • You are electrosensitive or just concerned about the effects that EMFs are having on your overall health
  • You are a health practitioner, coach or researcher who wants to stay on top of the latest (crazy) technological developments and always know how to best protect yourself and your patients/clients
  • You are allergic to drama, nonsense, marketing hype, scams, and don’t want to waste your time and money on EMF products that simply do NOT work
  • You want your most-pressing EMF questions answered by not one, but TWO EMF experts who are directly connected with the best EMF scientists and engineers in the world
  • You understand that EMF protection is a journey, and don’t believe in “magic bullets”... you’re ready to do the work it takes to make small and bigger changes in your life in order to protect yourself and stay healthy in an electro-polluted world
Look. If you read this far, you already know if you either feel compelled to join, or if you think this entire community are just a bunch of “5G conspiracy theorists who don’t understand that non-ionizing radiation is perfectly safe”.  (hopefully the former!)

We hope that you’ll join us (and hundreds of others) on this continued EMF education journey.

Your EMF Circle teachers,

Nick “The EMF Guy” Pineault
& Brian Hoyer

Frequently Asked Questions
1. Do I need to purchase the Electro-Pollution Fix course or any other of Nick or Brian’s courses first?

We highly recommend all Circle members to first go through the Electro-Pollution Fix course, since it teaches the very basics of how to minimize EMFs at home.

That being said, we understand that some people are on a very low budget and decided that this course would NOT be a requirement to join the Circle.

Please note that all Circle members will get an exclusive discount towards the Electro-Pollution Fix course. You’ll see that offer after you purchase your Circle access (1 month or 1 year).

2. Do you offer refunds?

Due to the nature of this membership, and given the fact that new members can instantly download all of our archives and bonuses (Longer Explanation: we encourage members to download first, and watch everything “offline” or on a WIRED connection to minimize EMF exposure)... we cannot offer any refunds for this membership.

Of course, you can cancel at any time, and if you do, your credit card or paypal account will never be charged again. No questions asked, no hard feelings!

3. What’s included in the private community?

The private community is a members-only, censorship free forum where you can ask your questions!

4. What if I can’t join the live Q&A or masterclasses?

We understand that there will be Circle members from all around the world, all with different life circumstances and scheduling headaches.

If you already know that you cannot join live, no worries - just send in your most-pressing EMF questions in advance, and we’ll answer during the live Q&A.

Each Q&A session and masterclass will also include a full downloadable or streamable recording. We got you covered!

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